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Add your listings to Facebook Marketplace – from Tech Savvy Agent

Another great article from Tech Savvy Agent: When it comes to Facebook and real estate ads, do you think you should be advertising your listings on your Facebook PROFILE? No, me neither. But, at the same time, you have all these friends that you want to be able to promote what you do as much as possible without being obnoxious, right? How can this be accomplished? Facebook’s Marketplace. Click here to read the entire article on Tech Savvy Agent


Google to Integrate Google Voice With Gmail?

Google is testing a new feature in Gmail: as you can see in this image obtained by Google OS, a phone icon opens a special Gmail chat window, which consists of a dialpad, contact search, credit balance and a call button. The feature is not yet publicly available. Read the full article on

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Google Apps – Streamline the way you do business

GoogleAppsGoogle Apps for Business is a suite of applications from Google that allow small businesses to receive email, share calendars, store, share and collaborate on documents, upload internal training videos and presentations, all in a secure web based environment. Tired of managing documents, templates, contracts, calendars, contacts, presentations etc… the old fashioned way? Copying them from one machine to another, storing them on a “thumb drive” then copying them over to an employees computer or sending them as an email attachment when they need them? Worrying if your team is all using the newest version of a contract, showing clients the latest presentation or sending out correspondence on the old letterhead? Google Apps will solve all those problems and more! Contact MacWin Local Mobile Marketing to get a free quote on:

  • Domain configuration, setting up Google Apps to work with and receive email for your domain
  • User account creation and provisioning
  • Initial setup of folder structure
  • Full data migration
  • Training covering:
    • Day to day administration tasks
    • Creating and sharing new folders
    • Uploading documents and files, videos
    • Creating Google Sites

Gmail Adds Drag-and-Drop to File Attachments

From Gmail has a new feature for Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome users: drag-and-drop file attachments. The feature is very straightforward — just drag files from your desktop onto your e-mail, and a green box will appear where you can drop your files.

Google promises it will “enable this for other browsers as soon as they support this feature.” Why the wait? Drag-and-drop functionality is an HTML5 feature. Currently only the Gecko layout engine — the engine that powers Firefox — fully supports HTML5 drag-and-drop. WebKit, which powers both Safari and Chrome, has only partial support for drag-and-drop. Gmail Drag and Drop

Jing makes taking screenshots and even video free and easy!

Jing makes it very easy to grab screenshots and videos straight from your PC, and then save them or share them on the Web. The coolest part of this experiment–in theory–is Jing’s integration with, a hosting service for videos recorded off your computer. Once you’ve recorded a video, you can save it to your Screencast account, and from there you can get an embed code to put it in a blog or other page. Try it today at

Hootsuite – Update multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once.

Hootsuite – Update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once using one interface. HootSuite users can now schedule their status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and The ability to schedule updates is particularly noteworthy since through it you can update most popular social networks (such as MySpaceLiveJournal, etc.)

Freshbooks – Web based time tracking and billing software

I use Freshbooks for all my time Tracking and Invoicing needs. It’s free, easy to use, web based, flexible and customizable. Freshbooks describes it’s services as “The fastest way to track your time and invoice your clients. Send, track and collect payments quickly. Great for teams, freelancers and service providers. Streamline your business through recurring invoices. Set up auto-billing to automatically charge your client’s credit card.” To access the web application and sign up for a free account go to:

PDF to Word – The Most Accurate PDF to Word Converter

With PDF-to-Word conversion technology, you can quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files, making it a cinch to re-use PDF content in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect. Best of all, it’s entirely free! Click here to access the web based application:

Gmail – The best web based email by far

Gmail web based emailWith Google’s approach to email the sky is the limit. Gmail includes excellent spam protection, phishing warnings and virus scanning; ultimate organization, conversation view, POP3 access and 8 GB of inbox storage that continues to grow every day. Additionally with Gmail you can chat, post documents and spreadsheets online, customize your homepage, get mobile access, check your RSS feeds, be notified every time you receive a new message and your account never expires.

Gmail provides some of the best email organization on the Internet. Their pride and joy feature is the “conversation” interface. Instead of having a list of back and forth emails between you and a friend or co–worker all replies and sent messages are filtered into one line of inbox with a corresponding number of messages in that conversation. Gmail’s security includes spam, virus and phishing protection. All spam is filtered into a spam folder that allows you to separate the good from the bad, all incoming and outgoing messages are scanned for known viruses, and suspicious messages that look like phishing scams are flagged with a big red banner across the top of the message. Additionally, you can report both spam and phishing attempts to Google. To sign up for a free account go to

Google Voice

Google Voice is a web based application that you gives you a local phone number of your choice, or you can port your existing number to it, which can call up to six phones simultaneously. When a person calls the Google Voice number, the user’s home, work, and mobile phones all can ring simultaneously. The user can set up the service so specific phones ring for different callers or groups of callers, or so some callers go straight to voice mail. Google transcribes voice mails after they’re left, too, e-mailing it to the Google Voice user or letting them read and listen to the message through a Gmail-like interface.  You can send and receive text messages directly from the Google Voice website. On the whole, it is a nice service of which everyone will want to have an account (just like Gmail), especially since it is free. Google Voice also has Android and BlackBerry based applications, iPhone users can now use Google Voice through Google’s iPhone web based portal. In order to get a Google Voice number, you need to request an invitation. Go to the Google Voice invitation page and submit your email address. Some time later, you will receive an email requesting you to register.