Soon You Can Port Your Phone Number to Google Voice for $20

Just saw this on, going to make Google Voice even better! Google Voice users, this is big: You might already be able to port your own phone number into the service. Google just unleashed a test program a few hours ago. According to Google, this ability to port your own inbound phone number is … Read more

A simple rule to follow when using Social Media

Always reply in the same format in which the original message was received. Simple, eh?  Send me a Direct Message on Twitter and I’ll respond in the same manner.  Private message in Facebook?  Reply the same way.  Someone writes on you Facebook Wall and you should reply right there as well.  Leave a comment on … Read more

6 reasons why a Real Estate Agent should have a Facebook Business page

74.1 % of americans online 32% time online spent is on social media 1,388,780 in Phoenix are on Facebook 1,082,000 within 25 mile radius of Phoenix on Facebook 67% more likely to respond to social media message than an email 32% find the actual home they are going to purchase on the net 86% still … Read more

Advertising your Real Estate Business on Facebook

Here’s a good article that shows the importance of using social media and having a Facebook presence for your Real Estate business: Advertising Your Real Estate Business on Facebook