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Creating the Ultimate Paperless Office for REALTORS

Four Easy Steps Help Realtors Focus on Income Production, not Paperwork
By Jeffrey Raskin, GRI, e-PRO
Arizona REALTOR® Magazine – February 2010

Apple's new iPad announced today!

So Apple has released it’s new ‘iPad”, what do you think? I think the ways Real Estate Agents could use this are endless. I guess we need to wait and see what kind of applications come out for it.

Do Real Estate Agents really need to Tweet?

Here’s is an article on how Twitter can help Real Estate Agents:

The Gist of social media from inman NEWS

Here is a link to an article on inman NEWS about Social Media in Real Estate – An excellent website for Real Estate Technology News

A simple rule to follow when using Social Media

Always reply in the same format in which the original message was received.

Simple, eh?  Send me a Direct Message on Twitter and I’ll respond in the same manner.  Private message in Facebook?  Reply the same way.  Someone writes on you Facebook Wall and you should reply right there as well.  Leave a comment on your blog and your reply should always be right below theirs.
However, if someone asks a short question “How can I embed video on a Facebook Page?” via a Direct Message on Twitter, your answer might take 27 replies at 140 characters each.  In which case you should switch platforms and let them  know where to look.  “Too long for Twitter – I’ll send a reply to your email “”.  Now you both know the conversation has been moved over to a different channel.
Remember: The idea behind Social Media is to engage others in meaningful ways.  It’s just the start of the conversation

6 reasons why a Real Estate Agent should have a Facebook Business page

  • 74.1 % of americans online
  • 32% time online spent is on social media
  • 1,388,780 in Phoenix are on Facebook
  • 1,082,000 within 25 mile radius of Phoenix on Facebook
  • 67% more likely to respond to social media message than an email
  • 32% find the actual home they are going to purchase on the net
  • 86% still use a Real Estate Agent or Realtor after finding a home
  • 90% of sellers market house online – A Simple And Free CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Timetonote is a free web based software collaboration tool that helps you and your team keep track of all interactions with customers, leads, or anyone important to your business. It helps you keep track of your contacts information and of what needs to be done next about them. With Timetonote, you know who you’ve talked to, what you talked about, and what you need to do next.

When you use Timetonote, all your contacts, all your communication history and all tasks are shared with your co-workers. Next time you need to contact a customer you can find out who else talked with that customer, what was said, and what was done.

You’ll also want to set a task for the next week presentation about this person. Only, it’s not you who will present your product, but your colleague Cristina, so you set her as responsible for this task.

Timetonote is great for sales people who want a mechanism for tracking customer information, real estate agents who want to keep track of their buyers and sellers information, journalists who want to keep track of people and companies they’ve covered, and many more.

You can use Timetonote to…

  • Keep all important interactions(conversations, emails, calls, etc) with a customer on one page
  • Log notes from a call with a potential customer
  • Review all communication with your share holders
  • Review your colleague’s notes about a customer before calling
  • Enter contact info for a potential customer
  • See all the people your company knows at CNN
  • Build a list of all your company’s suppliers
  • Effortlessly find a contact you need to call by his or her name
  • See a list of your tasks for this week
  • Set a follow-up sales call for tomorrow at 3pm
  • Set a task for someone in your technical department to contact your customer

Why not give this free software alternative a try? Go to

Advertising your Real Estate Business on Facebook

Here’s a good article that shows the importance of using social media and having a Facebook presence for your Real Estate business: Advertising Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

8 Steps To Regain Control Of Your Facebook Privacy

Here’s a great article on controlling your social media Facebook Privacy


Linked In is a social media site that allows users to connect with over 60 million professionals to exchange information, ideas and opportunities.