VoIP in Real Estate

“Responding to new prospects quickly is essential for real estate agents who want to make a great first impression. It’s simply not enough to be the “most qualified” or “most aggressive” agent, because 44% of Internet home buyers choose to work with the agent that is “most responsive.” – Market Leader

  • Replaces your IVR system, why pay twice for the same product?
  • Includes UNLIMITED Internet Fax services, again saving you $$$
  • UNLIMITED Local and Long Distance calling
  • UNLIMITED Extensions
  • RingCentral has over 300,000 clients, by far the largest VoIP provider in the US
  • Clients love it because they only have to remember one number instead of juggling through office numbers, cell numbers and home office numbers.
  • Instead of having an agent sitting in the office on floor duty you can create a que where agents can still be out in the field and answer calls that come into the office.
  • An auto attendant can answer calls and forward them to the appropriate department/agents and free up the receptionist to work on more administrative duties in the office.
  • Another benefit for brokers is that when they are expanding and opening up branch offices they no longer have to invest in a separate phone system at each office.
  • Because all the calls can be transferred between each office they can coordinate the times when each receptionists can take breaks to ensure the phones are covered.RingCentral Phones
  • Agents that work from home can purchase an SIP Phone and make their calls, transfer calls and receive calls as though they were physically in the office. The system can be programmed to have one caller ID for all offices and remote teleworks.
  • It increases security for those who don’t want to give out cell phone numbers or home phone numbers because of reverse look up someone can find out where an agent lives. Using the office communication system also gives and agent the separation and down time they need to be at their peak performance when it’s time to go to work.
  • VoIP Hosted PBX Solutions can also reduce telecommunications cost by as much as 60%!

Adding a Voice over IP solution puts clients closer to their agents because of the find me follow me features. So if a client wants to call instead of entering a web form on the company’s website they can be directly connected with an agent in seconds. If the agent is at a closing or showing property and can’t answer the phone when the caller leaves a voice mail it can be sent directly to the agent’s cell phone so that he or she can respond immediately.

Broker’s should love Voice over IP because they get to brand their telephone numbers. It does not matter if an agent works in the office or out of their homes only one number needs to get published on business cards, marketing materials and advertising. If the agent works in the office they can have a normal phone extension. If the agent works from home they can have a virtual extension that forwards calls to their mobile or home office number.

Agents will know the call is coming from the office so you know how to answer them professionally. Most importantly if they don’t answer the cell phone you don’t have to worry about the prospect hearing an unprofessional voice mail with music or anything else because if the agent does not pick up they will be left a voice mail on the office PBX system.

RingCentral - Phone Systems Re-Imagined

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