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Do you worry about defending your business from disasters, accidents and loss of data? “Is my data backup system really keeping my business from being completely wiped out?” These are real concerns and we have real, simple solutions.

Dropbox for Business

Your work where you need it

Dropbox syncs your businesses data across all your devices — working on the go has never been more seamless or easy.

Manage your team

Powerful management tools make it easy to manage employees and keep track of account usage.

Transform your workflow

Forget emailing attachments back and forth — share, collaborate, and stay in sync with your employees.

Team Dropbox

Work on the Go

Dropbox lets you work online or offline from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

“We traveled halfway across the globe for the World Championships in Japan, where the US women got gold and men got bronze. Staff there can update something (on Dropbox) at two o’clock in the morning and when someone else gets into work in the morning, the information is all there. Athletes are going to Mexico next week for the Pan-Am games, and another group is going to Poland for their event. At any one time, most of our staff is not in our office. Dropbox makes it easier to share and access the vital information we need.” Mike Bowman, USA Gymnastics

Collaborate and Share

Dropbox lets you share docs, slides, and large files easily with colleagues and clients.

“(Moving to) Dropbox could be seen as a huge productivity increase. It’s absolutely a time saver. If I leave the office early, I can see what my staff is working on when I get home and don’t have to ask anyone to email me files.” Danny Beckley, Charleston Symphony Orchestra

Trusted and Dependable

Enjoy dedicated phone support, bank grade encryption, and unlimited version history for all your files. 

“I love this product. It’s good to know that my data is safe. I’ve never once lost a file in my Dropbox in the 4 years I’ve been using it. I have 0% worry about this product; I’m 100% confident in knowing my data is there at all times.” Ryan Connolly, San Jose Boiler Works

Dropbox for Business is priced at $795 annually for five users, with additional seats available for $125 each. The base plan includes 1,000 GB of storage, and each additional seat comes with 200 GB. That’s a ton of space!

Contact us today to find out more about Dropbox for Business and how it can help protect and streamline your work!

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