Site Audit

Already have a website but it’s not showing up in Google? Want to know why and the steps you can take to fix that? $995

Major Indicators In Analytics

We look at your analytics for traffic, impressions and user statistics comparison to determine to what extend your site is being affected by negative SEO factors.

Major Indicators I Webmaster Tools

We look at your Webmaster tools for keyword listings in the SEPRS to determine to what extend your site is being affected by negative factors.

Site Audit Checklist

We will run thorough a comprehensive checklist to identify the areas where you site can use improvements. We use our collective knowledge and experience to identify what should be fixed.

Keywords Review

The entirety of findings will be consolidated and turned into a report for delivery to client. Will include all findings and areas of suggested fixed and adjustments.

Links Review

We will review your site for paid links, questionable links, outbound and incoming links that may be affecting your site.

Site Audit Report

We will review your site for template setup, plug-in updates, article marketing strategy, social media components…etc.

Site Audit Deliverables

Major Indicators

  1. Review of your webpage (home page) in comparison to top 10 competitors for your primary keyword
  2. Generate Top 10 Ranking Requirements Score – likelihood of page ranking for desired key terms
  3. Generate Search Engine Ranking Factors Performance Report- pass vs. fail criteria for major factors.

Report overview

  1. Keyword use in same domain link URLs
  2. Keyword use in document title
  3. Keyword use in outbound link URLs
  4. Global link popularity of web site
  5. Keyword use in meta description
  6. Link texts of inbound links
  7. Number of trailing slashes in URL
  8. Keyword use in body text
  9. HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
  10. Age of web site
  11. Readability level of web page
  12. Keyword use in H1 headline texts
  13. Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text
  14. Keyword use in domain name
  15. Search engine compatibility
  16. Keyword use in page URL
  17. Factors that could prevent your top ranking
  18. Links from social networks
  19. Table: Number of keywords
  20. Server speed
  21. Table: Keyword density
  22. Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
  23. Table: Keyword position
  24. Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
  25. Table: Number of words
  26. Top level domain of web site
  27. Table: Number of characters
  28. Keyword use in bold body text
  29. Table: Ranking factors digest
  30. Number of visitors to the site
  31. Keyword use in meta keywords
  32. Keyword use in same domain link texts
  33. Keyword use in HTML comments
  34. Keyword use in outbound link texts

…And 45 additional factors that have been shown to contribute to Google’s rank criteria.

Local Site Audit Deliverables

  1. Site Audit Report- full findings report delivered to client
  2. 1 hr Consultation to review report and discuss findings with client

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