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Over the past few years, mobile web usage has skyrocketed. By 2015 the mobile web will out pace the regular web! Local Businesses cannot afford to not have a mobile ready website.

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If you have website try looking at it with your smart phone. Is it easy to read, navigate and find your contact information on? You need to take into account that when mobile users have a bad experience with a particular site, 60% of them will not revisit that site, and the remaining 40% will likely go to your competitor’s website! Bottom line is that 95% of websites are not mobile friendly and missing out on a huge potential audience!

MacWin Consulting is now using “responsive” web design. A responsive WordPress theme is a theme build to adapt to the client and to look great in both browsers, iPhones, iPads etc. We have always had the ability to “re-direct” users to a mobile optimized website, but with the new Responsive Web Design we can keep the exact same user experience no matter what platform customers and clients are using.

We also design the content around a mobile web user. When mobile users visit your website, they typically are interested in different information than desktop browser users. Consider this, when someone is out in Goodyear looking for a place to eat, or in Litchfield Park and looking to get a massage, what are they going to be looking for these things on? Their phones! As a result, MacWin Consulting designs responsive WordPress sites so that not only is the formatting optimized for a mobile browser, the content is tailored for the needs of the mobile user. Because we use the WordPress platform for website design, we can provide mobile functionality as an add-on option at a very affordable price. For an example try accessing this site from your smartphone and  a mobile browser, see the difference?

MacWin Consulting’s Responsive Websites are compatible with all the major mobile devices including:

  • iPad’s
  • iPhone’s
  • Android phones and tablets

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