Google Places

Did you know that 80% of local business comes from people who live or work within five miles of your location? Google Maps and Google + Local is the new Yellow Pages! There are over 50 million Google + Local pages and less than 2% of them have been claimed by the business owner! 20% of all the searches on Google are now related to location. Google Places

In late 2010, Google Places listings started showing up in the organic results and in many cases ABOVE the normal “organic” search results when users searched for businesses, services and professions within a local area (e.g. dentist in Litchfield Park).

Google is now putting more emphasis on “local search results” than ever before! Small businesses in Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Avondale and Buckeye can now compete and in many instances rank higher than “the big boys” on Google!

Try searching for “sports bar litchfield park” and see who’s ranked #1, it’s Tailgaters. Not because they have a huge web presence or because they spent $1,000’s on their website it just shows the power of having a Google Places Page and optimizing it!