Google Apps Vault

Hosted services security and archiving for your business. Keep your email infrastructure up to date and add security services and the ability to archive email, powered by Postini. Our suite of services requires no installation or maintenance, allowing you to continue to focus on your core business activities.

Google Message SecurityEmail Security
Protect your email spam and set content rules to ensure compliance with existing rules.
Email ArchiveEmail Archiving
Store and index your email in a searchable repository that has a Message Discovery feature to retrieve data.
Web SecurityWeb Security
Stop spyware and viruses in real time before they enter your network.

Google Message Discovery: Has your organization been looking for a centralized way to archive and retrieve email data? Look no further than Google Message Discovery – A searchable repository to store and index all of your company’s email:

  • Choose the timeline that works for you, archiving periods of 1-10 years.
  • Leverage Google’s highly secure data centers to store your data, providing redundant and reliable off-site backup.
  • Set your own retention rules and policies.
  • Quickly and easily locate your data through granular search criteria in your archives, then export your search results in MBOX or PST formats.
  • No additional hardware required, no installation or cumbersome setup. Managed through a simple web interface.
  • Benefit from the scalability the cloud provides.
  • Includes all of the features of Google Message Security, making your email more secure.
  • Services are SAS70 Type II audited and monitored by Google around the clock.
  • Contact us today to find out how to put this incredible service to work for your organization.

Google Message Encryption: Does your organization deal with sensitive information that needs to be transported via email? Google Message Encryption provides a cloud based solution that ensures legal and best practice compliance by encrypting your messages upon sending:

  • Protect your sensitive data
  • No hardware required
  • Create and manage your own content policies
  • Build customer and partner confidence
  • Reduce risk
  • Comply with data privacy regulations
  • Set automatic encryption policies based on the content of outbound messages
  • Leverage reporting features to document encrypted messages and enforce policy

*Must have Google Message Security or Google Message Discovery in place. **Minimum 100 users. Contact us today to find out how Google Message Encryption can help your organization.

Google Message Security: Looking for a better solution to your spam, virus, and compliance needs? Look no further than Google Message Security! Why is Google Message Security a good idea for your organization? Well, you can’t beat the virus and spam filtering capability, full admin control of all of your settings, and much more:

  • Compliance – ensure your organization meets the best practices for email usage policies by defining and maintaining your own email in accordance with industry legislation.
  • Network security – stop viruses, spam, attacks, and more before they even reach your network.
  • Data protection – leverage industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols to protect sensitive or personal content.
  • Quick and easy setup – with no hardware requirement, you can have Message Security up and running in very little time on your existing email system. Maintenance is a breeze with automatic updates supplied at no additional charge, and without any loss of productivity.
  • Google guarantee – 100% virus protection and 99.999% availability for message processing. Now that’s what we call up time!

Google Message Security can be purchased on its own, or bundled with your Google Apps licenses. Ask us for more information, we’d be happy to get this valuable service up and running for your users.

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