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Now you can preview attachments in Google Apps – Gmail

Google is updating Gmail so that users can quickly preview files attached to emails they receive by using Google Drive.

The tech giant is updating its email service so that when users receive emails with files attached, small thumbnail previews of each file will be visible at the bottom of the email. Users can click on each thumbnail to get a full-size preview of each file.

“You’re probably used to downloading email attachments, but each of those files takes time to download, eats up space on your device, and can get buried deep inside your ‘Downloads’ folder,” Google said in a blog post announcing the new feature. “With today’s update to Gmail, you can skip that whole process. Instead, you can view attachments.”

Users can also click on each file’s Google Drive icon, which looks similar to the recycling symbol, to save the attachment directly into their Google Drive account. That’s a feature devoted Google Drive users will appreciate. Users who want to download their attachments to their computers can simply click on the icon of a downward facing arrow to get their files.

Google said the new feature will begin rolling out to Gmail users over the next few days, I just checked and it’s working on my account.

Gmail Attachment Preview


Real Estate Marketing and the Internet

EVeryone knows how technology has changed the way Real Estate Agents work and the way customers search for homes, find Real Estate Agents and interact with them Below is an infographic from RIS Media that shows just how much the internet and technology have influenced Real Estate Marketing.

Impact of Technology on Real Estate Infographic

Watch These Blogs and Help Your Business Grow and Thrive

This infographic contains a list of 50 small business blogs that will help you and your contacts learn strategies from content marketing and effective copywriting to data analysis and social media. These blogs cover many different industries and have something unique to offer all readers.
Share this infographic of a blog list with your contacts and connections to help their businesses thrive as well

50 small business blogs infographic infusionsoft 50 Small Business Blogs to Watch

50 Small Business Blogs to Watch by Infusionsoft

Google Vault is now more flexible

Starting today, you have greater flexibility in how you manage Google Apps Vault, with the ability to purchase licenses for only a subset of users. Previously, you needed to purchase Vault for every user on your domain, but now you can choose to apply Vault only to specific individuals or to organizational units – however Vault works best for your business.Google Apps for Business
You don’t need to make changes to if you wish to continue having Vault assigned to all of your users. You may now enable Vault and then limit the number of licenses available to your domain, using the cap in your reseller sets in their console. If you’ve set a limit, end-customer admins will be able to add new licenses up to that limit.

Before changing the licensing models for your domain, please note that unassigning licenses, or switching from full to partial domain licenses might affect retentions, holds and other Vault functionality. For all the details about partial domain licensing with Google Apps Vault, you can check out our Help Center and FAQ, or connect with your channel manager.

WordPress now runs 19% of the web!

SAN FRANCISCO — At the annual San Francisco WordCamp, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg told the audience a fascinating stat about the service.

In a talk that also included details on the next two versions of WordPress, Mullenweg said, “We’re now up to 18.9 percent of the web running WordPress. … We’re going to see the number of people who have WordPress as part of their daily habits grow exponentially.”

Around 66 percent of those sites and blogs are in English. Monthly pageviews for all WordPress sites and blogs rose to a massive 4 billion in 2013.

Mullenweg also said around 30 percent of respondents in a recent survey from WP Engine were aware of WordPress as an entity or brand.

The service just celebrated its tenth anniversary in May, and parent company Automattic took a sizable $50 million funding round, also in May.

A lot of WordPress’ growth is centered around its mobile apps. Automattic rolled out a total of 15 mobile app updates for WordPress in the past 12 months. According to a company-conducted survey, around 18 percent of WordPress users access the service from an Android tablet; 31 percent come to the service from an iOS device; and 30 percent find their way to WordPress on Android smartphones.

Mullenweg also said WordPress is seeing a threefold increase in the number of new signups via mobile.

With all that traffic, all those signups, and all those sites and blogs popping up on the platform, the company is also preparing to launch — it’s not live yet, but it will serve as a developer resource with all kinds of goodies for folks who build on WordPress.


Jolie O’Dell

Pick a Phone, Any Phone and Get $50 Off

Pick a Phone, Any Phone $50 Off

Phone must be purchased with an Annual Pre-Pay plan to qualify for this promotion. Limit 50 discounted phones. Excludes ATAs. Promotion available from 7/1/13 – 7/31/13. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Customer will be charged full price for all phones at the time of purchase. $50 off will be applied to customer’s credit card and will be processed within 2-3 weeks. To qualify for this promotion, all required supporting documentation must be submitted. Applicable taxes will be charged based on the full price of the phones.

Small Businesses can Save Money by Upgrading their Phone Systems

Manta-LogoManta Small Business Tip of the Day

Manta’s Small Business Tip of the Day for June 28th, 2013.

Old School traditional phone systems can be costly to install and maintain, but more importantly lack the functionality that newer Cloud Based VOIP systems can offer. You can’t just compare the bottom line costs across the 2. Let’s say you have a traditional phone system with 6 phones and 1 main phone #:

Traditional SystemTraditional Business Phone

  • 6 phones, $95 per month
  • 1 main phone line, $25 per month
  • Long Distance charges, $35 per month
  • 1-800 line that points to your main phone line, $10 per month
  • Fax line – $30 per month

So you are spending a total of $195 per month for a traditional phone system.

Now let’s compare a Cloud Based VOIP system:

Cloud Based VOIP PBX SystemRingCentral Phones

  • 6 phones, $24.99 per month per phone*
  • Main line – included
  • Unlimited Extensions – included
  • Long Distance charges – included
  • 1-800 line, 1000 minutes FREE each month
  • Unlimited Internet fax 
- a $39.99/mo value, FREE
  • Set up, manage and
access on touch devices
  • RingCentral for the iPhone,
Android and Blackberry
  • Toll-free, local, or vanity
numbers for voice and fax
  • Conferencing
  • Business SMS
  • Intercom
  • Call Park
  • Departments with Call queues
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Flexible answering rules
  • Presence based on
multiple devices
  • Auto-receptionist
and dial-by-name directory
  • Keep your existing phone
numbers, FREE
  • Implementation advisors, FREE when you sign up for 2 or more users
  • 24/7 Customer support*
  • No set up
or activation fees

Total per month, $149.94!

You also need to take into account the time you will save and the employee hours you can better utilize by having a more advanced system.

Do you have a receptionist to route calls? How much do you pay that person and how could their time be better spent?

Do you travel or are you out of the office regularly? Wouldn’t it be nice to get your work calls on your cell phone while you’re out instead of having to come back to the office and then return the calls you missed?

Sign up below for a personal demo. A RingCentral Certified Communications Professional will contact you for a personalized, informative demonstration on key features and benefits of a cloud phone system, then provide you with a quote to show you how much $$ you could be saving.

*Requires a 2 year contract and 2 user account

VOIP for Small Business Promotion

Buy One Get One Free

RingCentral is making it even easier to upgrade your business phone system with a Buy One Get One Free promotion! The discount is only available until the end of this month so you better hurry.

Promotion details:

  • Discount available for the Polycom 321, Polycom 335 or Cisco 303 phones only. 
  • Promotion ends 6/30/2013
  • Customers can apply this discount to other RIngCentral phones and receive a $119 credit. If customers apply this discount to other RingCentral phones, they will receive the following promotion, buy one phone, get one for $119 off.
  • Limit 20 phones. Excludes ATAs. Phones must be purchased with a 2 year contract or Annual Pre-Pay plan to qualify.
  • Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

The New RingCentral – 4 Different Ways to Fax

By Ben Foster, June 11, 2013

Whether you have a RingCentral Fax, RingCentral Professional or RingCentral Office plan, you have the ability to send and receive faxes using your RingCentral account.

You can use a variety of devices to send a RingCentral fax. That means your communiques aren’t anchored to a physical fax machine – although, if you have a RingCentral-provisioned analog telephone adapter (ATA), you can use a fax machine, too!

What are the four ways you can fax with RingCentral?


1. FaxOut

FaxOut makes it possible to fax through the RingCentral online interface. Using a PC or Mac, log in to your RingCentral account at and click the FaxOut link on the top-right corner of the page. You’ll see this window pop up:

Enter one or more fax numbers and attach the files you want to send. Then click Send Now. That’s it!

2. CloudFax

CloudFax is similar to FaxOut, in that it sends faxes through the web. But it has one cool feature that FaxOut doesn’t: the ability to attach documents directly from cloud-storage services. CloudFax – available at – integrates with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, so you can attach any files you’ve stored with those platforms to your RingCentral faxes in a snap.

You may need to authorize CloudFax to access your file libraries in Drive, Box and Dropbox before using this integration feature. You should only have to complete the authorization process once.

3. Email-to-fax


With email-to-fax, you can send a fax from your email inbox! To enable email-to-fax for your email address – you can add as many as 5 addresses per RingCentral extension – visit the RingCentral online interface at and click Settings > My Settings. Then select Outbound Fax Settings at the bottom. You’ll see a “Faxes Sent via Email” section; add your personal email addresses here to be able to send faxes from those addresses. Make sure to click Save when you’re done adding.

To send an email-to-fax message, just enter the ten-digit number [at] (e.g., in the To: field.

4. Softphone

The RingCentral softphone is available as a free download for all RingCentral customers. (It’s in the online interface – click Tools > Softphone to download it.)

Once you’ve installed the softphone on your Mac or Windows computer, simply log in with your extension info. You’ll be able to see your received faxes in one place – and you can easily create a new fax by clicking the “Create and send a fax” button.

One cool feature unique to the softphone is the fax editor. Available in the new-fax window (look for the Edit button), the editor lets you tweak your cover letters as you see fit.

YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks

Online videos have become a very useful method for sharing information. Not only is YouTube the second-largest search engine after Google, but it also has a massive reach across social networking sites. People watch more than 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos on Facebook every day, and they share about 700 videos on Twitter each minute.

These social engagement numbers demonstrate the huge reach that videos naturally have. Because videos can boost discoverability and drive consumer engagement, it’s important to make sure that people can find your videos when they search online. By applying these basic video SEO techniques, you can make your videos search engine friendly and help your business videos show up in search when people look for your types of products and services.

Responsive Web DesignGetting Backlinks from YouTube

Getting backlinks from YouTube is pretty simple. As you register for your YouTube account you can add a “New Link” as you edit your YouTube Profile. Don’t get this confused with your Google+ Profile though, they are 2 separate things. You can also add links from YouTube to a particular page of your website, your Facebook Page, your LinkedIn Profile, another blog you may write etc…

Then as you add videos to your YouTube Channel, you want to add another different backlink in the “Description” area of the video it self. Let me explain you with an example. Suppose I have posted a tutorial about Responsive Web Design,, I would then want to add a link in the description to the page on my website that talks about Responsive Web Design When we are uploading such videos on YouTube, we can place a backlink to our website in description box. I have linked the original post on my blog to YouTube video post. YouTube has a  PageRank 9 on Google, so this way you can get PageRank 9 backlink for your website.

Determine Quality Keywords

Since search engines can’t make sense of video content on their own, adding keywords you want to rank for to the video title and description is essential whenever uploading a video to YouTube. Choose keywords that best represent the video and terms consumers will search for when looking for products or services like yours.

You can use keyword tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to help determine the best keywords for each of your videos. However, you should also conduct searches for single and long-tail keywords within YouTube to help you understand the types of videos that show up on YouTube for each term. Seeing how many videos share your potential keyword, along with the number of views and related videos on the side bar, can help you determine keyword competition and potential viewership for your videos.

Optimize Video Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Making your video titles, descriptions, and tags SEO-friendly is as important as using qualified keywords.

Titles: The titles for YouTube videos have a 100-character limit, and you should include your most important keyword close to the beginning of your video title. You should also consider adding a standard video “trigger” keyword, a word that attracts attention in search engine results, to your video. Trigger keywords you can use are “review,” “how to,” “about,” or your business name keywords.

Descriptions: Video descriptions are a critical component of video SEO because they are the main copy associated with your video and the largest portion of text that search engines can read when indexing videos. YouTube provides up to 5,000 characters in the description, so use this space wisely and strategically craft the text for both SEO and viewers. Also, include the same keywords used to optimize your title so search engines and people will see a correlation between the two. The description should include a summary of the video along with a link to a resource, like your website, where viewers can receive more information.

Tags: Tags are an additional form of keywords that you think people will use when searching for your videos. Unlike keywords that you include in your titles and descriptions, you can select additional keyword tags when uploading your video. Your tags can use up to 120 characters, so make sure you select tags that are the most relevant and that best represent your video and appear in your title or description. You should also add tags for your videos in the order of importance, and always include your primary keywords first.

Create Video Playlists

Creating a playlist for similar types of videos can help improve their visibility on YouTube. Not only do video playlists appear within the YouTube search results, but other videos in that playlist can also appear in the sidebar of the YouTube player as related content when a viewer watches a video that’s included in the same playlist. This helps boost views of other videos you’ve added, rather than directing viewers to other content YouTube deems as similar but that may belong to other accounts.

Another benefit of having a playlist is that when a viewer watches a video within your playlist, the next video in the playlist will automatically start when the first video completes. This guides the visitor through your videos, and this helps you get more views within that playlist and expose viewers to other messages from your brand.

Add Transcripts, Captions, and Annotations

Adding transcripts and captions to your YouTube videos can be a great way to make your videos more accessible to a wider range of audiences on YouTube, such as viewers who are hearing impaired or viewers who speak a different language. Transcripts and captions can also help your video get found in Google and YouTube search results because, by adding a transcript, you are providing search engines with the exact content of your videos as content that can be crawled in addition to the title, description, keywords, and tags. Since search engines read interactive transcripts, having transcripts on your videos can boost your SEO efforts.

When used correctly, annotations can also be a great addition to your YouTube videos. Annotations are pieces of content that show up on your actual video display. Annotations that drive engagement, such as requesting a thumbs up, shares, comments, and subscriptions, can also help boost your videos within search results because viewer engagement can influence a video’s ranking in search results. Recently, YouTube announced several new features to their platform, including the ability to create and update multiple annotations across many videos at once.

Videos are a great way to boost your Web presence and diversify your online marketing. For businesses that are unsure about creating videos, there are some YouTube features that will make video creation much easier. One such feature is an easy-to-use editing tool within YouTube that provides a quick and simple option to help users edit their videos. Or for those who want additional help, YouTube’s new Video Creation Marketplace allows small businesses and brands to hire current YouTube video users who are already publishing videos on YouTube to create brand videos.

If you are already taking the time to create videos as part of your online marketing strategy or you plan to do so, it is important for you to optimize your videos like you would other elements of your online marketing. If not, you could be missing a valuable opportunity to get found online and engage with consumers.

Are you using videos to market yourself to potential customers? Have you used any of these ideas to help your consumers find your videos online? Let us know in a comment!