Small Businesses can Save Money by Upgrading their Phone Systems

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Manta’s Small Business Tip of the Day for June 28th, 2013.

Old School traditional phone systems can be costly to install and maintain, but more importantly lack the functionality that newer Cloud Based VOIP systems can offer. You can’t just compare the bottom line costs across the 2. Let’s say you have a traditional phone system with 6 phones and 1 main phone #:

Traditional SystemTraditional Business Phone

  • 6 phones, $95 per month
  • 1 main phone line, $25 per month
  • Long Distance charges, $35 per month
  • 1-800 line that points to your main phone line, $10 per month
  • Fax line – $30 per month

So you are spending a total of $195 per month for a traditional phone system.

Now let’s compare a Cloud Based VOIP system:

Cloud Based VOIP PBX SystemRingCentral Phones

  • 6 phones, $24.99 per month per phone*
  • Main line – included
  • Unlimited Extensions – included
  • Long Distance charges – included
  • 1-800 line, 1000 minutes FREE each month
  • Unlimited Internet fax 
- a $39.99/mo value, FREE
  • Set up, manage and
access on touch devices
  • RingCentral for the iPhone,
Android and Blackberry
  • Toll-free, local, or vanity
numbers for voice and fax
  • Conferencing
  • Business SMS
  • Intercom
  • Call Park
  • Departments with Call queues
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Flexible answering rules
  • Presence based on
multiple devices
  • Auto-receptionist
and dial-by-name directory
  • Keep your existing phone
numbers, FREE
  • Implementation advisors, FREE when you sign up for 2 or more users
  • 24/7 Customer support*
  • No set up
or activation fees

Total per month, $149.94!

You also need to take into account the time you will save and the employee hours you can better utilize by having a more advanced system.

Do you have a receptionist to route calls? How much do you pay that person and how could their time be better spent?

Do you travel or are you out of the office regularly? Wouldn’t it be nice to get your work calls on your cell phone while you’re out instead of having to come back to the office and then return the calls you missed?

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*Requires a 2 year contract and 2 user account