So how do you fix a WordPress website that uses Jotform?

I’m sure some of you have heard and seen the news, Jotform is down. I use Jotform extesnively throught many of the WordPress websites I have created and administer. So what do you do if you have a JotformWordPress website and you use Jotform? Jotform sent out a message that explains that all you need to do is change the url listed in your various Jotforms from to

This may seem pretty easy but I found that there are so many places I had put a form in, both pages and posts on my WordPress sites that it was going to take me a hours and hours to fix them all!

But there is a much easier way to fix your WordPress sites that use Jotform. Install the WordPress plugin “Search and Replace” and then you can do a “search and replace” on all the references on the site with one click!

For those of you who have not installed a plugin or used the “Search and Replace” plugin (by the way there are many more plugins that have the same functionality of “Search and Replace”, this is just my preferred plugin) here are some screen shots to help guide you and the steps to take are:

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard,
  • Go “Plugins” and ┬áthen “Add New”
  • Do a search in the plugins directory for “Search and Replace”
  • Next install the “Search and Replace” plugin
  • Now go to “Tools” on your dashboard and there will be a new entry “Search and Replace”
  • In your “Search and Replace” plugin you can search for the field “” and replace it with “”

That’s it! Your forms will start working again and your site will be fully functional.