Google Voice

Google Voice is a web based application that you gives you a local phone number of your choice, or you can port your existing number to it, which can call up to six phones simultaneously. When a person calls the Google Voice number, the user’s home, work, and mobile phones all can ring simultaneously. The user can set up the service so specific phones ring for different callers or groups of callers, or so some callers go straight to voice mail. Google transcribes voice mails after they’re left, too, e-mailing it to the Google Voice user or letting them read and listen to the message through a Gmail-like interface.  You can send and receive text messages directly from the Google Voice website. On the whole, it is a nice service of which everyone will want to have an account (just like Gmail), especially since it is free. Google Voice also has Android and BlackBerry based applications, iPhone users can now use Google Voice through Google’s iPhone web based portal. In order to get a Google Voice number, you need to request an invitation. Go to the Google Voice invitation page and submit your email address. Some time later, you will receive an email requesting you to register.