Gmail – The best web based email by far

Gmail web based emailWith Google’s approach to email the sky is the limit. Gmail includes excellent spam protection, phishing warnings and virus scanning; ultimate organization, conversation view, POP3 access and 8 GB of inbox storage that continues to grow every day. Additionally with Gmail you can chat, post documents and spreadsheets online, customize your homepage, get mobile access, check your RSS feeds, be notified every time you receive a new message and your account never expires.

Gmail provides some of the best email organization on the Internet. Their pride and joy feature is the “conversation” interface. Instead of having a list of back and forth emails between you and a friend or co–worker all replies and sent messages are filtered into one line of inbox with a corresponding number of messages in that conversation. Gmail’s security includes spam, virus and phishing protection. All spam is filtered into a spam folder that allows you to separate the good from the bad, all incoming and outgoing messages are scanned for known viruses, and suspicious messages that look like phishing scams are flagged with a big red banner across the top of the message. Additionally, you can report both spam and phishing attempts to Google. To sign up for a free account go to